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překlad as well as ve slovníku angličtino-čeština. en Highlights, in particular, the role of the private sector and industry, as well as other stakeholders, as regards their responsibility in relation to these issues as well as child-safe labelling for web pages, and promotion of ‘netiquette’ for children; stresses that any such measures should be fully compatible with the rule of law

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The provisions of the Agreement between the European Community and its Member States, of the one part, and the Swiss Confederation, of the other, on the free movement of persons, signed in Luxembourg on 21 June 1999 and, in particular, Articles 1, 5, 7 and 16 thereof as well as Articles 12, and 17 to 19 of Annex I thereto, do not preclude the legislation of a Member State from requiring a

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well přeloženo ve vícejazyčném online slovníku. Překlady z češtiny do angličtiny, francouzštiny, němčiny, španělštiny, italštiny, ruštiny, slovenštiny a naopak. well překlad z češtiny do angličtiny – Seznam Slovník. Vyhledej.

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Synonyms for as well as at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for as well as.

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as soon as translation spanish, English - Spanish dictionary, meaning, see also as soon as possible,spoon,swoon,sooner, example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso dictionary

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(,) however well-intentioned - English Only forum (future form) However, I have all the rest of documents which I will bring with me. - English Only forum [whatever/however] test was given - English Only forum A moment later, however, <and> it was elevated even farther - English Only forum About the position of "however" - English Only forum

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Our original pioneering values remain at the core of our current publishing programme, both in print and in digital form. By ensuring our monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, as well as our reference titles reflect language as it is used today, Collins remains the …

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překlad jako produkt = cílový text (CT, text v cílovém jazyce), který vznikl transformací výchozího textu (VT, textu ve and results of operation of Zentiva in 2007, as well as other corporate information. In particular, this Annual Report contains audited financial situation and audited results of …

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Videoklip, překlad a text písně AC-DC od Sweet. A.C. D.C. Shes got some other lover as well as me A.C. D.C. Shes got some other women as well as me Shes..

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as well as přeloženo v bezplatném českém slovníku, mnoho dalších překladů česky. arrow_drop_down. - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation. anglicko-česko překlad pro "as well as" EN "as well as" český překlad. volume_up.

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As well as definition is - and in addition : and. How to use as well as in a sentence.

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anglicko-česko překlad pro "well" EN "well" český překlad. volume_up. well {podstatné jméno} CS. For me, it is important that the well from which we draw our money is not treated as bottomless, and I am not certain that that is the case. Pro mě je důležité, aby studna,

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překlad average spend ve slovníku angličtino-čeština. en Regrets that figures for expenditure on research and development show that the EU average is only #,# % of GDP compared with #,# % in the USA and #,# % in Japan, and that expenditure varies from #,# % in Romania and #,# % in Cyprus to #,# % in Sweden; emphasises the importance of increasing the average spending as well as of raising

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